Jujutsu Chronicles codes

Jujutsu Chronicles Codes List 2023

Looking for the latest working codes in Jujutsu Chronicles? then this article will help you not just with working codes but also help you to redeeming them.

Jujutsu Chronicles is a popular Roblox game based on the anime/manga series Jujutsu Kaisen. All the moves, attacks, and outfits look similar to the show.

Jujutsu Chronicles codes
Jujutsu Chronicles codes

Active Jujutsu Chronicles Codes

  • TwoMillion – Redeem for a chance for a secret item
  • Likes4K – x25 Clan Spins and x25 Curse Spins
  • Pity3 – x25 Clan Spins and x25 Curse Spins
  • Pity2 – x25 Clan Spins and x25 Curse Spins
  • Pity – x25 Clan Spins and x25 Curse Spins
  • Favs20K – x15 Clan Spins and x15 Curse Spins
  • Visits3M – x15 Clan Spins and x15 Curse Spins
  • RatesUp – x30 Clan Spins and x30 Curse Spins
  • AnotherThanks – x25 Clan Spins and x25 Curse Spins
  • Rebalance – x10 Clan Spins and x10 Curse Spins
  • NewGun2 – Clan Spins and Curse Spins
  • NewGun – Clan Spins and Curse Spins
  • FirstMillion – Clan Spins and Curse Spins
  • BigThanks – x25 Clan Spins and x25 Curse Spins
  • InventoryUpdate – x5 Clan Spins and x5 Curse Spins
  • RipGojo – x15 Clan Spins and x25 Curse Spins
  • Likes8K – x25 Clan Spins, x25 Curse Spins, and a secret item (small % only)
  • OneYear – x75 Clan Spins, x75 Curse Spins, and a secret item (small % only) (New)
  • Likes7K – x25 Clan Spins, x25 Curse Spins, and a secret item (small % only)

Expired codes

These codes were found expired during our testing.

  • Testing – x10 Clan Spins and x10 Curse Spins
  • AlphaTester – x5 Clan Spins and x3 Curse Spins

most of the codes are focused on getting free Clan And Curse spin which helps you to get the best abilities and powerful clans.

In order to get the best one you need to do lots of spin. so let’s see how we can redeem these codes to get free spins.

How To Redeem Codes in Jujutsu Chronicles

  1. First Launch Jujutsu Chronicles on Roblox or click here.
  2. Now Click on the Codes button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Start to Enter working codes one by one into the Enter Code Here text box.
  4. To claim the Reward click on the Enter button.
Enter Jujutsu Chronicles Codes in game

Video guide :

More About Jujutsu Chronicles

Jujutsu Chronicles on Roblox allows players to immerse themselves in the world of the popular anime and manga series Jujutsu Kaisen. In this fighting game, you create your own character and battle against other players using moves and abilities inspired by the show.

The core gameplay revolves around close-quarters combat as you equip cursed tools and unlock new fighting techniques. There are a variety of playstyles to choose from based on the skills and weapons you obtain. You can focus on hard-hitting melee attacks, ranged moves, or more tactical builds.

As you progress, you’ll improve your character by collecting different cursed seals and shamikigami summons. The deep customization system lets you tailor your fighter’s strengths to match your preferred strategy. There are also codes you can redeem to unlock boosts, currency, and other rewards.

For fans of Jujutsu Kaisen looking for an immersive fighting experience, Jujutsu Chronicles brings the anime’s combat to life. You’ll need skill and strategy to defeat powerful opponents and bosses in this action-packed Roblox game. Master the fighting arts and assemble your arsenal of curses to become an unstoppable sorcerer!

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Most Asked Questions

Why are my Jujutsu Chronicles codes not working?

There are two possibilities first and most important one is code is expired and the last one is code you enter have some spelling mistake to avoid this problem try to copy and paste the code in the box.

How to get more Jujutsu Chronicles codes?

To get more code just follow them on their social media profiles or groups and flicksload.com site, where the team or other players are actively sharing working code and if you have some working code don’t forget to comment below.

How has Jujutsu Chronicles grown over its first year?

In its first year since its release on October 7, 2022, Jujutsu Chronicles garnered over 3.4 million visits and was favored over 27,000 times. It has built a consistent player base, averaging 1,000+ concurrent players. This is strong growth for a newer Roblox game’s first year.

Why doesn’t Jujutsu Chronicles lag with so many players?

Jujutsu Chronicles has 15 available servers that help distribute the player load. This allows the game to comfortably handle over 1,000 concurrent players without lag or performance issues. The development team has implemented a good server infrastructure to match the game’s popularity.

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